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Happy Birthday!


I write a lot about Kandise here. She is the second child of eight and she's in college in Florida. She has a 3.7 G.P.A., she works very hard. A couple of weeks ago she was assulted down the street from her apartment, coming from the store when some men in a car started shouting racial slurs at her and throwing full beer cans at her. She is 18 yrs. old. She filed a police report and she went to the hospital where they didn't find anything at the time. I went to see her after this happened. It broke my heart to see my daughter like that. She had to get stitches in her head. She was afraid to tell me about this because my only sister was murdered like that and no one called the police for her or anything. She died at 25. Kandise told me peole watched this and didn't bother to help her.

After I went home because my boss was screaming for me to return, she fell in the bathtub and het her head, she made no call to let me know what happened. The next week she suffered her first seizure. I dropped everything and went to her, I probably made some people mad, I really don't care! I'm a mother first, I went and got counseling and got her signed up for defense classes to protect her self. Courtesy of my boss Michael Barnette. I love you Michael, you'll never know how much. It was so much pressure on me that I suffered from migraines that I ended up in the hospital myself. I didn't tell anyone. I didn't want Kandise to suffer anymore.

She is doing much better and she told her instructor that she wants to learn how to do a drop kick! I just had to get that out. I feel much better now.

Kandise is coming home

My daughter is coming home, yippie! It's been a roller coaster ride since she left. Of course we IM all day until it's time for her to go to class, even when I'm at work I'm IM'ing her. She's my oldest daughter and I'm so proud of her. Kandise took her last final yesterday, she got a 96 out of 100, she will carry a 4.0 for her first quarter! What can I say about her, she's my traveling buddy when I make the trip down south, my shopping shoe buddy, and my book buddy. I'm afraid I have her hooked on M/M books, she just read Michael Barnette's book, Dominion, she feel in love with that book as I did, she's ruined! I just like his books, go figure. I'm happy she will be home for a week to celebrate her brother and sister's birthday. My daughter Katherrina is graduating next year and I have mixed feelings about that also, she suffers from seizures and she's so out of it afterwards but she said she will go to the same school Kandise goes to which shocks me becasue she can almost outcook her big sis. People got mad at me for teaching them how to cook at a young age but it's paying off. I've had a rough summer, I had hate email come to me because of my blog, which is really nice, Haters, I call them. You know when you try to be nice, people tend to want and dog you out. I have a big heart when it comes tp people and my kids say that my heart is always broken because of it. I've been that way all my life, I've tried to be a mean person but it doesn't work. I try not to get close to people but it doesn't always work that way. I'm just going to be me!


My daughter just graduated and I don't know how to feel, not only does she look like me but acts like me too! This is scary for me because she is like my right hand, she can cook and clean and make me laugh all in the same sentence. Well she is leaving me next month and I'm having baby withdrawl and she hasn't left me yet. I'm trying to will my way not to cry when she walks by but of course this is not easy. Mothers go this all the time, I say this to myself until it's my turn. I will survive, bet on it!


Kandise graduation

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